Student Representatives

The Student Representatives meet with the Trust Coordinator every fortnight at the John Graham Centre to discuss new projects, fundraising ideas and ways to make the charity even bigger and better.

If you have an idea, would like to meet or even join the group, get in touch!

Victoria Friday (Head Student Representative) – Hi! I’m Victoria, I live in Sheerness and am the Head Student Representative at Go Ability Trust. To stay in shape my favourite activities are walking, dancing and going to the gym. Sometimes it’s hard to understand a new session but I think there should be more on offer for people with learning disabilities. I’ve been part of a lot of fundraising events in the past and would love it if a local business chose us as their charity of the year (so send us an email if you can help!)


Mark Bowman – Hi! I’m Mark from Canterbury. I love my sports, but my favourites have to be football, pool and darts. I play football as much as I can, but I do have to take a lot of breaks so I don’t get too worn out. I had a great time being part the Disability Kicks project in 2017, which helped me to keep up with football practice – so you might guess what I think we should be raising funds for! Read about Disability Kicks 2017 here.


Leigh Stone – Hey! My name is Leigh, I’m from Sittingbourne, I love to shoot pool and my two tips for staying active are 1- keeping busy and 2- drinking plenty of water! I sometimes struggle with long distances, which can be a bit frustrating, but I make sure that doesn’t stop me from doing the things I want to do. I really enjoyed being part the Confidance pilot last year and want to help raise funds for Go Ability so we can do this more often! Read about our work with Confidance here.


Nicola Lee – Hello, I’m Nicola! I am from Herne Bay and I like to dance and go for walks when the weather is nice. I really enjoy going to the gym too but I struggle to go there on my own – I think it’s because sometimes I find it hard to understand what people are saying. I’m hoping we can raise enough to set up another dance class and have regular trips to go bowling, which I really enjoyed when I took part. I would also like to try my hand at pottery classes too, which I think would be quite relaxing.


Rachel Reardon – Hello, I’m Rachel, hailing from Molash in the beautiful North Downs, I love coming up with new fundraising ideas for the group and am the trust’s official photographer. I enjoy walking and swimming to keep fit. I would do that more often but going at the right time or to the right place can be hard. It’s hard to be part of things in my area without any support, anything with forms or reading can be difficult too – but that doesn’t stop me coming up with new ideas for Go Ability. See how you can work with us too!


Natalie Weeks