Fundraising Ideas

Go Ability Trust raises funds in order to empower adults with learning disabilities in East Kent. The projects we are involved in support independence and access to health, social and leisure opportunities. We also support the distribution of specialised equipment, enabling adults with learning disabilities to access their community with greater ease.

As part of our winter appeal, we are encouraging our supporters to hold their own fundraising activities and events over the next few months in order to support the trust in reaching its target of £4,000. At the time of writing, the trust has hit 34% and, with your help we can make it!

So far we have reached 34% of our target!

Visit our Winter Appeal via Just Giving

There are so many different kinds of ways to fundraise, but it can be hard to know where to start.

  • It could be a 1-day event or something that lasts for months.
  • You can set a challenge for yourself or work in a group.
  • You can involve your school, uni or workplace.
  • You could give up something, collect something or create something.
  • It could be challenging or relaxing, indoors or outdoors,
  • It could make a splash in the local press or something silent like an auction on social media.

If you have an idea, but don’t know where to start, get in touch & we’ll be happy to support you:

Otherwise, take a look at our list of favourite ideas that have been suggested already:

  • Aerobics – Host an aerobics event and charge an entry fee.
  • Art Exhibition – Contact local artists, hold an art exhibition and donate the entry fee.
  • Auction – Organise an auction, ask your friends and family to donate items and donate some of the profits.
  • Bake off – Challenge your friends to a bake off and sell the winning products.
  • Challenge events – Hike, skydive, abseil – get in touch for the latest opportunities!
  • Clothes swap – Hold a clothes swapping day at your work, school or college, charge a fee to enter, hold a raffle and auction off the finest garments!
  • Coffee mornings – A classic event to raise funds and get that caffeine hit in the same place. Sell cakes and snacks too before work or ask your local cafe to get involved.
  • Dinner party – Get your friends to donate the cost of a meal and cook them up a delicious treat.
  • eBay for Go Ability by donating a percentage of your sales
  • Facebook – see how you can set up your own Facebook donation page, watch your total (and your social status) climb!
  • Give up – Alcohol? Coffee? Chocolate? – think about what you spend on that daily snack, donate the proceeds to Go Ability. It will soon add up!
  • Got an idea to fundraise for Go Ability? Get in touch!
  • Head shave – It’ll grow back, right? Bare that bald head with pride and raise sponsor money in the process – hand the clippers to the highest bidder!
  • Hour Hero! – Donate an hour of your pay to Go Ability & encourage your family, friends (and even your boss) to do the same!
  • It’s A Boy! – Guess the weight of the baby? Cake? Your pet? A food hamper? Everyone loves a sweepstake.
  • It’s a Knockout Competition – Get some teams together for a few rounds of sports, quizzes, obstacles and puzzles. Each player pays a fee. Ask a local business to donate a prize to the winners!
  • Jumble Sale – A great excuse to get rid of those unwanted Christmas items in the new year and a chance to raise funds for your new favourite cause. Hold at work, school or if you have good links with a community hall this would be perfect.
  • Karaoke – A competition or just for fun. Alcohol optional for the older fundraisers. Prizes for the best (or usually worst…) Hold in your local pub or college bar.
  • Loose Change – Ask us for a home collection box and empty your loose change every week. After a few months you’ll be surprised what you can make. Get friends and family to do the same.
  • Musical Evening – Get some talented friends together and hold a concert. Make it heavy with a battle of the bands or a sophisticated affair. Invite local music groups. Speak to your local landlord or community hall.
  • New Year’s Resolution – Giving up something? Taking up something? How long will it all last?! We guarantee you’ll keep going if you’re doing it for a good cause (and your sponsors are checking up on you)!
  • Non-Uniform Day – The classic end of school event – but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask your boss!
  • Obstacle Course – Set up a hard-core obstacle course and charge people to race – look out for when these are happening in your area as you can often choose the charity you want to support.
  • Office Collection Day – Stick a tin / box on your desk with notices telling people what you’re raising money for. Get in touch if you would like us to send something. Remind your work colleagues that it’s for a good cause. This works best around pay day!
  • Pool Competition -At your pool-hall, pub or union bar! People put money in a pot to enter; the winner takes half of what’s in the pot, you take the other half!
  • Pamper evening – Ask people to donate to attend a night of pampering. Get everyone to bring one beauty product along to save cash.
  • Penalty shoot-out – People pay to enter. Get your hands on a signed football or some sports goodies for the winner. Get a football team or sports shop to donate the prize.
  • Quiz – Easy to organise and lots of fun, make it themed (sports, music, film) or an all rounder. Choose your venue, choose the winning prize, choose your teammates! The hardest part is choosing a ridiculous team name.
  • Romantic Evening –  Make that intimate evening one to remember by… staying in! Light the candles, pour the wine in your own dining room, impress the other half with your culinary skills and donate the amount you save to your new favourite charity.
  • Raffle – Get friends and local companies to donate prizes. The prizes that sell the most tickets are the most unique, so if you’re asking local businesses or companies you work with, see if they can make it special. For example, the dinner for two in that restaurant could be an after hours occasion, or that visit to a venue could include a guided tour. Or it could be as easy as raffling off the best parking spaces at work!
  • Social Media Share – Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective – share our winter appeal via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – be sure to tag us in so we can say thanks! If you hold a fundraising event for Go Ability tag us too so we can share it that bit further.
  • Swear Jar – why not convert that cussing into cash? Often works well in a busy work place.
  • Silly Sells! – Family and friends are sure to sponsor you do something silly for charity.
  • Sponsored… [Insert idea here]! We are here to support you with fundraising materials – click here for a sponsor form.
  • Tennis Tournament – Make it classy with strawberries & cream, Pimm’s (or Ribena) for sale.
  • Tin – Get in touch for a collection tin for your store, school or workplace.
  • Tombola – Its natural habitat is the fete or Christmas show, but you can always make this an end of month event at you work or local club. You don’t have to have a spinney-turney raffle ticket device. Get local businesses and family friends to donate prizes.
  • Treasure hunt – Yarrrh! People pay you for the first clue. You lay a trail of clues, with a top prize at the end. This works great with local businesses, pubs, around your university and of course desert islands.
  • Unwanted gifts – We love to fundraise too, so please donate to our raffles- Get your friends and family to donate their unwanted Christmas gifts in early January.
  • Valentines Day – Hold a blind date in the lead up to the big day at your college. Hold a secret cupid instead of secret Santa where everyone pays a fee, gives a name and ‘cupid’ (that’s you) leaves a rose or a rhyming couplet if you’re feeling poetic.
  • Video Games Night – Not feeling sporty right now? No worries – invite some friends round for a FIFA ’19 tournament, retro Mario-Kart ’64 or dust off that mega-drive and see who can complete the emerald zone the fastest!
  • Walk – A good old fashioned sponsored walk, run or swim. See what we have been up to in the past. We are able to supply you with t-shirts, sponsor forms etc.
  • Wine Tasting – Invite a supermarket or off-license to donate a few bottles for the tasting, and sell bottles for them at the end (for a small profit). Check out this blog for some ideas on how to do this well.
  • World Record Breaker – Visit: for inspiration and turn your event in to a fundraiser to remember!
  • Xmas Cards – Keep it simple and make a donation towards our winter appeal instead of buying Christmas cards this year. Let family and friends know online / via text and who knows, they might join you!
  • Yoga Marathon – Get sponsored to do yoga for a day. Contact your local gym to see if they will support the event. There may even be an instructor willing to help!
  • Zumba – The dance-aerobics sensation could be a one-off workshop or a weekly workout.
  • Zap! – Whether its your local lazer quest, lazer rush or zap-zone – hold a sponsored marathon or a trophy-tournament for some futuristic fundraising for all ages.
  • “ZZZZ” – Sponsored sleepovers are perfect for colleges and schools. This might work less well in an office place, but now we’ve said it, I hope someone proves us wrong!

We love to share! If you are another local nonprofit, feel free to use this list too. If you are in the Kent area, get in touch if you would like to collaborate.

Please get in touch if you have any tried and tested ideas of your own.